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Let's make your story shine.
Work With Me

I offer a diverse range of editorial services, from copyediting and proofreading to manuscript and outline critiques. Not sure which one you need? Contact me for a free assessment. Read some sample edits or learn more about my process. Let's talk about how I can help you.


I go line-by-line to ensure your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other similar elements are clear and consistent throughout the manuscript. I also check formatting, in-text citations, reference notes and footnotes, and flag any awkward or wordy sentences that may need further revision.


As a final step to the editing process, I polish and fine-tune your manuscript before it is sent to the printer. I check for consistency in language, word usage, punctuation and spelling, and the overall appearance of page proofs, ensuring uniformity in formatting and fonts.

Manuscript Critiques

A preliminary step to heavier developmental edits, I read over the manuscript and provide constructive feedback on bigger-picture items, such as where you could improve on plot, character development, and pacing. I also provide a story chart, mapping out plot progression and scene-by-scene movements. 

Outline Evaluations

Don't know if a story idea is worth pursuing? An outline evaluation might be what you need. I go over your outline and provide constructive feedback on the plot, character and story beat developments. I highlight areas that could be improved and brainstorm solutions to make your story stronger, all before you draft a single word.

Ready to take the plunge?

Rates & Availability

To ensure I give you the best quality service I can,

I take your needs and budget into consideration.

My rates fall within industry standards. I accept payment through check, PayPal, or Venmo

(note: I add a small service fee if using PayPal). 

If my schedule or skills don't fit your project, I will try to recommend another editor.

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